Mack ran his hand over his head. “Oh man. It is past time for a haircut! Just feel it.” He said to himself. He ran to his bathroom and yelled, “Daaaaaaad!”

Dad came running like there was an emergency. “What happened? Is it broken? Where does it hurt?” asked Dad.

“Oh. Nothing is wrong… well besides my hair. Can you call or text Mr. Bart and see when I can get a haircut? The lightning bolt is gone and my hair is like thick. I need a cut.” complained Mack.

Dad pulled out his phone and texted Mr. Bart. A couple of seconds later, Dad’s phone buzzed. He read it out loud, “No openings until next Monday. Sorry.”

“Next Monday?!” asked Mack. “Today is Monday! Aww man. What am I gonna do? Thanks Dad.”

Dad rubbed Mack’s head and walked out.

Mack started talking to himself, “Think Mack! Think! What are we gonna do?… What we gonna do is sneak into Dad’s bathroom, get his clippers, come back here, and cut our own hair! With a new lightning bolt! Great idea, Mack!”

He stepped out in the hallway and heard Dad’s voice downstairs talking to Mom.

“Move out.” Mack whispered.