“Hey Mack. Can you measure this block of wood for me? I need to know if it is long enough to close this 2 foot gap.” asked Dad.

“I sure can. Let me grab my tape measure.” replied Mack.

He ran off to get his tape measure from his toolbox. Dad gave Mack and Cheese their own toolsets when they each turned 5 years old. ‘This will keep them out of my tool box!’ Dad had told Mom. Mack came back with the yellow measuring tool and grabbed the board from Dad’s workbench.

“Dad. This board is 18 inches long.” Mack said.

“How many inches are in a foot, son? I need something at least 2 feet long.” Dad reminded him.

Mack began calculating, “12 inches are in a foot. 12 + 12 is 24. 18 is less than 24, so this board will not work, Dad.”

“That is correct. We will need something 6 inches longer.” said Dad. “Which means I need to go back to the lumber yard!”

Mack got excited, “Can I go with you?”

“Uh yes, you can go with me. You are going to do the measuring so I get the right length of wood!” Dad said.

“Great! I will drive!” announced Mack.