“Mack do you remember the story of Jackie Robinson?!” Asked Cheese.

“Uh yeah, who doesn’t know that he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball!” Said Mack.

Cheese added, “Well did you know there was a Negro Baseball League? Their museum is in Kansas City! Dad has been there. He says that it’s pretty cool. I wonder if he’ll take us if we ask!”

Mack laughed, “Dude! DAYVID is still out there. Dad’s not flying yet and Kansas City is halfway across the country! I think it’s like a whole day of driving to get there!”

“Well I’m gonna ask him!” said Cheese as he walked down to Dad’s Man Cave.

**Knock Knock**

“Hey Dad it’s Cheese, can you take us to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum this weekend?”

“First of all, thanks for knocking. Second of all, No! We’re not ready to fly yet and I’m not driving half way across the country on such short notice. The weekend starts tomorrow. Maybe in a month or so we can go. We will have to set up hotel reservations first.” Dad said

“Well ok. Come on Mack. Let’s head back to my room.” offered Cheese.

“I think I’m ok, bro. I’m gonna go sketch some pictures. Speaking of which… Dad, when are you leading our Art class again? It’s been a while”, asked Mack.