At the Sage Creek Leadership Academy, Fridays was when Dad came in to “teach art”. Basically, Art class is watching someone on YouTube sketch a picture.

“Boys! Grab your sketch pads and markers. It is time for Art Class with Professor Dad!” Dad announced.

“Can I pick what we draw this week, Dad?” asked Mack.

“Not this time, son. I have already picked a picture. It is an oldie but goodie. A classic for Dad!”. Dad smiled.

He started the video.

Cheese’s eyes widened, “PIZZA-MAN?! This is going to be easy.”

“Not so fast, Cheese. This Pizza-man will look 3-D.” said Dad.

The students and the teacher watched and followed the Pizza-man video for the next 30 minutes. The video showed them how to shade and which colors to use to make Pizza-man pop out from the page.

“Pause it, Dad. I need to catch up.” asked Mack.

“Dad. You was right! This was pretty tough!” Cheese admitted. “Can I pick one now?”

Dad agreed, “Sure, but it cannot be longer than 30 minutes.”

Cheese grabbed the mouse from Dad. “Here! Let’s do this one. The Last Airmender!”

“YEAH! This is definitely easier than Pizza-man! I am so ready for this!” said Mack.