It was Science class day. That’s when we go into the city and have science classes with out homeschoolers our age… BUT DAYVID is here and we have to social distance. Therefore, this class is like one-on-one. We had one teacher leading Mack and Cheese through the park and wetland areas.

Cheese observed, “It was a nice day outside. I really enjoyed the nature walk. I like how we found the raccoon tracks in the mud. They’re really active out there! And they leave a mess! I didn’t like that we didn’t have enough time with the leaves. I really wanted to identify some of them. She said we can do that next time. But the best part was when I beat you in the foot race back to the car, Mack! You’re slow. What part did you like, Bro?”

Mack placed his hand on his chin and said, “Hmmm. Where should I begin? Well, you know I like reading. So when we read through our nature classroom book, I liked that. And I liked the drawing! When she asked us to pick and draw a couple of animals, I picked the snow fox and bald eagle. And while you was lookin at the raccoon tracks, I was drawing some of your leaves. Look! And you beat me because I had my sketch pad in my hand! I’ll get you next time!”