“Cheese. Ummm Mom didn’t say you could get another cinnamon roll, dude!” Mack explained.

Cheese whispered, “Yeah! But she won’t know it’s missing. I just took a little piece. Leave me alone and mind your business!”

As Mack turned to leave the room, Cheese stuck his leg out in front of Mack. He fell face first into the floor!
Mack yelled, “OUCH!” I think a tooth fell out! My mouf if fleeding…” Mack’s speech was muffled as the red liquid pooled in his mouth.

Cheese ran to get Mom and Dad. He found Mom first. She was in her room knitting and watching a movie.

“Mom come quick! Mack is bleeding!” Cheese said.

Mom ran behind Cheese to the bathroom where Mack was standing at the sink.
Mom helped stopped the bleeding with a saltwater solution. Mack rinsed his mouth until there was no more blood. She looked at the boys and said, “Now tell me what happened! Mack has lost two teeth in one day!”

##What do you think the boys with do? Truth? Or other?##