“Hey Mack! Can I borrow your Stickymon game?” asked Cheese.

“Yeah sure, bro!” said Mack.

“Can I play it now?” Cheese continued.

“No. Not yet. I’m gonna start playing it in a minute.”

“Well that’s not fair! You said that I could play it.” Argued Cheese.

Cheese pushed Mack and left the room. He found Mom sitting in the living room reading a book.

He started complaining. “Mom. Mack is not letting me play his game after he said that I could play it!”

“Well son. You go tell your brother that I said to let you play that game. You guys have too many games to be fighting over one.” Mom said.

Cheese sighed, “OK. I don’t even feel like playing that game anymore.”

He walked slowly up the stairs and back into Mack’s room. “Mom said to let me play the game NOW. So hand it over!”

“What? It’s my game!” Mack fussed.

“Hand it over, bro!” cheese said as he stuck out his hand.

“After this you are not playing or borrowing ANY of my games anymore. Enjoy it while it lasts.” Said Mack.

Cheese puled some money out of his wallet. “Bro. I will give you $5 for this game. Deal?”

Mack laughed, “That game cost way more than $5. I’m not selling!”