Mack and Cheese played carelessly out in the backyard. Their once regal looking hiding base camp now looked ragged and worn. The cardboard had lost its stiffness and color. It was looking weak and gray-ish.

“We need to find some wood, Cheese!” Mack commanded.

Cheese let out a muffled, “Yessir!” which sounded more like “Whhsfur!”

Mack started at Cheese confused. “Dude! What do you have in your mouth?!”

Cheese did not know it, but his mouth had a black ring around it. And his finger tips were black.

Mack looked on in disbelief as Cheese spat out an old piece of charcoal.

“That is soooo gross, dude! What did you do that for?” Mack questioned.

“I dunno. Just to see what it tastes like, I guess.” Cheese said embarrassingly.

“WELL! You done did it now. What does it taste like?” asked Mack.

“It sorta tastes like dirty chicken” said Cheese.

Mack replied, “Uhh that is probably because Dad grilled chicken a couple of days ago… remember?”

“Oh yeah! That is right! That chicken was good too! I wonder if Dad has some new charcoal. Let’s go check the garage!” Cheese planned.

“You cannot be serious! I am telling Mom!” Mack said.

Cheese pleaded, “Wait Dude! For real, let’s just try it out and if you don’t like it… THEN you can tell Mom!”

Mack and Cheese went into the garage and found Dad’s charcoal. They both stuck a piece in their mouths.

Cheese spoke up first, “Bleh! Well, new charcoal sure does not taste like dirty chicken!”

“I agree and I’m telling Mom!” Mack fussed.

Cheese smiled, “Tell Mom! You did it too! So if I get in trouble, you get in trouble too!”