[read this first part in your best narrator voice :-)]
In this episode of Mack & Cheese, we find our heroes in the backyard playing in trees and the woods. Let’s join them as they go adventuring… already in progress.

“Hand me that stick, Cheese. I’m going to use it as my hiking staff.” Mack directed.

“Here, take it. I see a better one up there!” said Cheese pointing five trees away.

“Look at the leaves and needles. We learned how to identify different leaves in homeschool. Most of these are pine needles. Here are some oak leaves. Oak leaves are thin and usually found near acorns. And there’s a fir, some of them remind me of Christmas trees. And look over there! That’s a…”

Cheese interrupted, “That’s a syrup tree. That’s the leaf on the Canada flag!”

Mack corrected him, “Almost, dude. That’s called a maple leaf. That name reminds me of my favorite breakfast place in Duluth, GA. The biscuits are legendary!”

“Shh!” Cheese interrupted Mack again. “Enough of the science lesson! I hear the ice cream truck! LET’S GO!”