“Oh man! We have to go out AGAIN!?! I want to stay outside and play with our friends.” whined Cheese.

Dad responded, “I said ‘Come On!’ Tell your little friends goodbye and get in the car.”

“Well can we eat first? It’s dinner time, right!?” Mack pleaded.

“I know what time it is, Little Boy. You’ll eat when we say it’s time. Now listen to your father and get in the car.” Mom scolded.

Cheese whispered, “I can’t wait until you get your driver’s license, Mack! We’re gonna buy a car and go wherever we want!”

Mack agreed, “Yeah and we can go WHENever we want! No rules! Rules are for FOOLS!”

Mack’s voice had gotten a little too loud. He was excited.

Mom turned toward the backseat, “What did you say? ‘Rules are for fools!’ Well I’m gonna fool you when we get back home!” and turned back around.

Cheese kicked Mack’s leg, “You need to learn how to whisper, Mack.”

Mack rubbed his leg, “I be tryin, man!”

*This quick story was written about a week before all of the COVID restrictions.*