“So umm, Dad. How long are we gonna watch these corks bob up and down on the water?” asked Cheese.

“Son. We just threw our lines in the lake. The fish might not be up yet. It’s only 8:00. Reel in your rod and cast it in another area.” Replied Dad.

Cheese reeled his line in. It stopped a couple of times. It must have gotten caught on something.

Cheese frowned, “Aww man! My hook is empty! No wonder I haven’t caught anything. Dad can you put a worm on my hook for me?”

Dad looked over at Cheese and laughed at his empty hook. “It’s OK, son. It happens. We have plenty of worms. Bring them over here.”

Dad ran his finger through the round container and pulled out about three worms. Cheese’s eyes got big.

“Which one do you want? Grab it.” Said Dad.

Mack interrupted, “Hey Dad. My cork is missing. I don’t see it.”

“Reel it in just a little and tell me what happens.” Dad instructed.

Mack started reeling. “It’s moving. My line is moving. What should I do?”

“Sounds like you got something.” Said Dad. “Take your time and reel it in slowly.”