“It’s time to go to the store!” Mack said excitedly.

It is not often that Mack and Cheese are allowed to go out since DAYVID has started. So this was a welcomed event.

“Wait for me!” Cheese shouted stumbling out of his closet with shoes in hand. “I need to tie my shoes.”

Mack saw Cheese struggling with the laces of his white sneakers.

Mack went into teaching mode. “Here, let me help. ‘Cause if I don’t, we will be here forever!
First, you cross the laces and then pull one lace through the bottom of the X.
Now pull both ends tight!
THEN with one string make a bunny ear. A long one.
Wrap the other string over the bunny ear.
Then pull the wrap string under the bunny ear.
Make sure you pull the wrap string into another bunny ear.
Now pull the bunny ears tight and you’re done… See!”

Cheese looked down at his laces and said, “You didn’t double knot them!”

Mack sighed, “Let’s go, man! I’m on a mission to buy new Brix and some candy!”

Cheese agreed, “Speaking of Brix, a new episode of Brix Masters comes on tonight. We need to hurry back. What’s your favorite show, Mack?”