Cheese laid down on his bed looking up at the ceiling, “Since we’re stuck in the house. I’m going to learn something new.”
Mack’s curiosity perked up, “Oh yeah?! What’s that?”

“Juggling! I’m gonna learn how to juggle. Dad has a training set in his room. I’m gonna teach myself. When we’re done with DAYVID, I’m gonna be ready for the circus!” Cheese said excitedly.

“That does sound pretty fun! Lemme see… What can I learn that’s fun?” thought Mack. “Hmmmmm”
Cheese offered some suggestions, “What about hula hooping or jumping rope or yo-yoing?”

“Maybe. But we don’t have a hula hoop. Jump rope might work or even a yo-yo. “ Mack continued to dream. “I GOT IT!” What about flame throwing or flame juggling? That’s cool, right?!”
“NO! That’s actually hot!” Cheese chuckled. “But for real, Mom and Dad’s not gonna let you play around with fire like that! Stick to jump rope!” he advised.

Mack agreed, “Yeah, that’s the safe bet. I think the rope is in the garage. Maybe I’ll become the next Double Dutch King!”
Cheese agreed, “Let’s go, King! We’ve got some practicing to do.”