“By George, I think I got it!” exclaimed Mack.

“Got what? And who is George!?” asked Cheese.

“Well, I just finished this book and it’s very inspirational. It’s called The Rat and The Cat. It’s about following your dreams. The rat is your dreams and the cat is me… chasing! And what I got is my rat… named George!” Mack explained.

Cheese gave Mack a weird look, “What?! And you call me weird! Mom and Dad won’t let us have pets and you got an imaginary pet rat. I’m going back to my reading time. The Art of War never gets old. Even though I don’t know what I’m reading, it sounds cool with all of the battle references.”

“Well let’s agree that we’re both awesome and reading is fun and cool!” said Mack.

Cheese bragged, “I already know that, bro! You just have to remind Mom and Dad that!”

“Remind Mom and Dad what?” interrupted Dad.