“Rise and shine, boys!” said Dad as he knocked on the boys’ bedroom doors. “I need yall to get dressed. We are going on a nature hike.” he continued.

Cheese popped out of his room first. “Cool! A field trip! Is it near the beach or a pool?”

“He said ‘nature hike’, Cheese. We are going into the woods. Am I right, Dad?” asked Mack.

“That is correct, now get your clothes on, so we can leave.” Dad replied.

Everyone got their clothes on and met up in the garage.

“We are going to the neighborhood park where we saw that red tree. The one you guys thought was on fire.” said Mom.

The boys were excited and led the way through the park.

“There’s the fire tree, Mom. Except the leaves are turning yellow and orange.” noticed Mack.

“Well, that is great. Hey Mom will you take our picture as Mack and I jump off of this wall? Get your phone out, get ready… 1-2-3- GO!” yelled Cheese.

Mack and Cheese took turns leading the remainder of the hike.

A little further down the trail Mack’s eyes got big, “Mom! I am going to jump into this mud puddle. Get ready to take my pic!”

Before Mom or Dad could stop him… **SPLASH**

“Oh! That was a big one. But I can go bigger, bro!” said Cheese.

Then he jumped in right behind Mack. It was so big that some mud got on Mom.