Mack stepped up on his soapbox. “This DAYVID is really getting old. I’m tired of staying in the yard. I haven’t seen the inside of a store in about two months. The last time we ate in a restaurant or fast food place or whatever was around the same time. Before this day is over, I’m gonna talk to Mom and see if she’ll take us to the store.”
Cheese agreed, “Yeah, man! I’m overdue for some Brix. The ones we have now won’t make anything big unless we take all of the old ones apart!”
Mack walks over to the schoolroom, grabs his blue notebook, and begins to write in his Daytonavirus journal, “I just want to go places. I get sad when I can’t go see my family members. I want to fly to their houses, play with them for a little bit, and then fly home. Is that too much to ask?”
Mack looked over at Cheese who was writing in his green Daytonavirus journal… “I need more Brix. Gotta have more Brix! Let’s go get more Brix. End of story.” Cheese closed his journal and ran into his room to play with his Brix!