“Hey Mack! Tell me a joke. I really don’t feel like going to sleep right now.” Said Cheese.

“You know we should be quiet or Mom is going to say something. PLUS I don’t have any jokes AND it is late!” Mack replied.

“Sure you do! Tell me that Yoda joke!” Cheese said excitedly.

“OK” Mack said reluctantly. “Why is 6 afraid of 7?”


“8. 9. Because 7!” Mack said with a straight face.

Mack’s joke tickled Cheese so much that his eyes started watering. “MACK! That joke cracks me up every time!”

Mack sat up on his bed in the dark room. The street light shone through their curtains to give a little light.

Mack whispered, “What should we build next with the scrap wood in the garage? I think we can build a Revenger clubhouse for our figures and then cover the outside with Brix.”

Cheese agreed, “Good idea, Mack.”

“I will draw up the plans in the morning!” Mack said before laying his head on his pillow.