“The floor is lava! JUMP!” Mack shouted as he stood on his bed.

Cheese looked down and realized that he was standing on the carpet… in the middle of lava!

“Ahhh!” Cheese shouted. And he leapt up onto the bed. “Oh no! My Brix are melting. I must get to them without melting. Help me out here, Mack!”

Mack looked around and found a book. He tossed it into the lava in front of Cheese.

“Here! Use this! You better move fast! That book can go under any second!” said Mack.

Sweat poured down from Cheese’s face as he counted to 3 and jumped off the bed. As he landed on the book, it slipped out from under him. “MACK! HEEEEELP!” Cheese held out his arm as he fell in slow motion.

“I can’t reach you, it is too hot! My arm is burning! Let me go find help!” Mack said.

Cheese pleaded, “What do you mean ‘help’!? I’m falling in slow motion. I can’t fall for too much longer.”

“Well! I guess you are a goner. I gotta go! I am thirsty!” Mack said as he ran away.

“I am done for! The lava got me! Left stranded by my own brother! ECK!” Cheese slowly rolled under his bed… I mean Cheese was slowly swallowed up by the lava!