##Note to Reader, Read this story prior to reading [29/366]##

“Let’s go on an adventure, boys!” Mom said as she shook Cheese awake and Dad nudged Mack.
“Mack said groggily, “Where are we going, Mom? Is DAYVID over?”
“Yessir DAYVID is over and the world is back open.” Dad said excitedly. “And our first stop is to visit nature at the Amicalola Falls State Park. It’s an hour away, so get dressed and let’s go!”

Everyone grabbed their hiking sticks. Mom grabbed food and the cooler and Dad grabbed the tent and luggage.
“We’re all loaded up, Dad.” Said Cheese.
Dad said a prayer, locked up the house, and pulled out of the garage.

“Look at all of the green trees!” Cheese said as they drove down the interstate.
“Yeah and all of the birds! The air smells fresh.” Mack said as his window was almost all the way down.
Cheese daydreamed outloud, “I bet the water is clearer and colder than the last time we were here.”
Mack agreed, “I think so too. God hit the nature reset button while we were inside from DAYVID!”