##Note to Reader, Read [28/366] prior to reading this story##

Dad drove up the winding road to Amicalola Park. We went about a mile past the entrance sign and saw the trailhead. Dad found a parking spot. It wasn’t too crowded today.
“Everybody out!” Mom said.
The boys were fast asleep. She nudged Mack.

“Wake up, Mack. Wake up!” But it wasn’t Mom talking. It was Cheese.
“What’s going on, Cheese? Are we at the waterfalls?” Mack asked.
“Waterfalls!? You need a shower!
Cheese asked, “DAYVID is still going strong! There’s no traveling, dude!”

“Aww man! I had a great dream!” Mack started. “We were on our way to chase waterfalls. Do you remember that park, Cheese?”
Cheese’s face lit up, “Of course I remember! When we got to the bottom of the falls, we walked to the edge of the water and had a mud fight!”
“Yeah, I got you good! Right in the face! I’ll be so ready when this is over.” Mack sighed.
“You and me both, Bro!” agreed Cheese.