Here we are about three weeks in to these stories and I realized that I didn’t give any character introductions… lol

So here’s a quick intro to let you know!

“Hi! My name is Maxwell, but folks call me ‘Mack’ but you know this by now. I’m 10 years old with a low haircut. I’m not that tall, but I’m almost as tall as my Mom. I’m definitely taller than my brother, Keith! I like playing with Terf guns and Brix”

Cheese pushes Mack out of the way!

“Hey there, I’m Keith. I love to smile and I love to take pictures. Everyone calls me Cheese. I have long twisted hair and Mom says it’s too long for an 8 year old. Dad says we’re gonna let it lock up. You can usually find me watching the Revengers or Black Jaguar.”

We hope you enjoy our stories. They’re as truthful as we can get. Hopefully you’ll love the adventures of Mack and Cheese as much as folks love the dish, Mac & Cheese. See you tomorrow!