“Cheese, you should camp out in my room toniht. We don’t have school tomorrow and it’s the weekend! Friday is here.” Said Mack.
“Headed to get my pillow and sleeping bag!” Said Cheese.
Mack walked down the hall and into Mom and Dad’s bedroom. They were watching one of the latest Carvel movies.
“Hey Mack!” Mom said.
“Hey y’all. I got a question for Dad. Hey Dad, can you set up the camping tent in my room? Cheese and I are gonna camp out tonight. Our flashlights have fresh batteries and our lunchboxes are filled with snacks and juice boxes! Mom, can we take our tablets into the tent?” Asked Mack.
“What do you mean ‘Can I set up the camping tent in your room?’ Y’all haven’t asked if you can have a camp night tonight!” Said Dad.
Mack stared at Dad, “Well can we?”
Dad looked at Mom. Mom nodded at Dad and Dad said, “Let me go get the tent from the garage.”
Mack yelled, “YES! Thanks Mom! Thanks Dad!” And he ran out of their room.
“What did they say?” Asked Cheese.
“8 words, bro! Help-me-clear-a-space-to-put-the-tent!” Replied Mack. “Correction. 9 words. But they said ‘Yes!'”