“It’s pretty chilly outside today, Mack.” Said Cheese.
“Duh! It’s like snowing outside right now. LOOK!” Mack said.
His statement got everyone in the house to look out of the windows.
Dad looked at Mack, “Son. That is not snow. That is rain. It is cold, but not snow cold. Maybe we will get some before winter is over.”
“Hummph. Maybe you’re right, Dad. I don’t see anything sticking to the ground.” Said Mack.
“Let it go, bro! No snow today. Let’s go build something with Brix.” Suggested Cheese.
“Nah. I want to hang with Dad for a bit. I’m gonna go grab the chess board. You ready, Dad?” Asked Mack.
“I am always, son! The question is ‘Are YOU ready?'” Replied Dad.
Cheese sat down on the couch beside Mom and sighed.
Mom laughed, “Can I help you, Cheese?”
“I am not sure. I’m bored. Got any ideas on what you and I can do?” Cheese said as he laid his head on her shoulder.
“Well we… You baked cookies the other day. So we are not going into the kitchen.” Mom said.
“OK! Well I don’t want to watch a movie, so we can go to my room and play with Brix. You can build a princess castle or somethin.” Said Cheese.