“That was the most tastiest fun I have ever had in my life!” said Cheese.

“Me too!” Mack agreed.

“Those Christmas Tree Cupcakes were easy to make, Dad. Thanks for getting the baking kits. The icing was extremely tasty. I could eat a whole piping bag!” Cheese said as he licked his lips.

Dad interrupted, “Oh no you will not! That extra icing is going into the trash. The last thing your Mom and I need are two sugar rushed little boys running around this house!”

“Come on, Cheese. Let’s go upstairs. We have not played with our Stickymon cards in a long time.” suggested Mack.

“Dude! It has been so long! I do not know where my Stickymon cards are.” replied Cheese.

“Well, how about Chess? I can teach you how to play.” asked Mack.

Cheese agreed, “Ok. Take it slow though. There are a lot of pieces and too many to name, like the prawn, brook, and queen.”

Mack sighed, “It is the PAWN and ROOK. A prawn is a shrimp and a brook is a stream! It is gonna be a long day!”