“Mack. It is so cold out here. I can see my breath. Look! Hhhhhhhhuh!” said Cheese.

“I know. We gotta keep moving though. I wonder what made Mom pick this week to go ice skating? Glad I got my mittens and scarf. It is FREE-ZING!” replied Mack.

“Come on, guys. You can do it!” Mom cheered the boys on.

Dad stood on the edge of the ice rink sipping hot chocolate and taking pictures with his phone.

“Well since we are here, bro, might as well make the best of it.” said Mack and off he skated.

Just as Mack pushed away, Mom skated up.

“Grab my hand, please Mom. I am not so good at this.” Cheese admitted.

Mom reassured him, “It is OK, Cheese. I got you. I was not so good at this at first either. We bring you here to the frozen lake every year, so you can practice. You see Mack has gotten the hang of it. You will get there.”

Cheese smiled, “Can we move a little faster though? Mack keeps passing us AND it feels like it is getting colder. I need to warm up. Maybe I should stop and drink some hot chocolate with Dad.”

“Make it quick! Dad needs to get himself out here on the ice too. He skated for like 10 minutes and acted like he was tired.” Mom said. Then she turned and yelled back to Dad. “Break time is over, Dear!”