“Movie Night! This is like my favorite night of the week. Right after my birthday and Christmas and Thanksgiving.” Said Cheese.

“Bro, those are holidays. They are different from days of the week.” Laughed Mack.

“Anyway, bro! We’re gonna watch the Cat & Mouse movie. They’re chasing each other around Los Angeles and making a mess. Just like they do in the cartoons on Saturday morning.” Replied Cheese.

Mack pulled out his electronic tablet and started up a game of Chess against the compuer.

“Cheese. One day I’m gonna teach you how to play Chess. I get tired of playing the computer and Dad always beats me.” Said Mack.

Cheese thought for a bit. “Bro, you ever thought to ask Dad to let you win before y’all play? Maybe he’ll let you win one time.”

“Hmm. I never thought to ask him. I’ll do it the next time we play. Meanwhile, do you want to learn how to play little bro?” asked Mack.

“Yeah sure! We gotta watch our movie first though. I’ve been waiting all month for this to come to the theaters.” Cheese replied.