Cheese walked around the side of the house with Dad. “Hey Dad. What’s that man spraying the house for? Is he about to wash it?” asked Cheese.

Dad laughed, “No. He’s not washing the house. He’s for pest control. His name is Mr. Bryan. Ask him about what he’s doing.”

“Cheese! Where are you going?” asked Mack.

Cheese ignored him and started talking. “Mr. Bryan, why are you spraying the house?”

“I’m spraying for wasps, spiders, ants, and other insects. I’m just about done now. That was my last spray for today. You all are all set.” said Mr. Bryan.

“Well thank you for spraying. I’m about to go finish playing. See ya!” said Cheese as he ran back to the backyard.

“Hey Mack, did you see that guy? He was spraying for bugs. I thought he was about to wash the house.”

Mack laughed, “Of course he wasn’t washing the house. He was spraying for bugs. He didn’t have any soap!”

“You got a point there. Oh well. He’s done now. Let’s get back to playing soccer. You’re the goalie.” Cheese told Mack.

“Fine by me. You won’t be scoring any goals on me. I’m like a brick wall… shut out!!” bragged Mack.