“There is nothing like dancing to your own music!” smiled Mack.

“Yeah! Thanks Dad, for our digital music players! Mine even has the Revengers Theme song on it!” danced cheese.

Dad laughed, “I am glad you guys like them. I loaded over 11 hours of music on each of those things. Now you can leave me alone about what music is playing on road trips.”

Mack and Cheese were ignoring Dad by now and having their own personal dance parties. Cheese danced like his limbs were made of wet noodles. Mack moved like an old school break-dancer spinning on the floor.

“OK Cheese, pause the music!” said Mack. “Let’s take this upstairs. And see who can come up with the best dance moves, and Dad will be the judge!”

“Sounds good to me!” agreed Cheese.

“Hey! Wait! That does NOT sound good to me!” said Dad.

“Don’t worry, Dad! You can do a dance off with Mom. Cheese and I will be the judges.” Mack said.

Cheese agreed, “Go find Mom and tell her that she has to dance battle you in 30 minutes! That clock is tickin’, Dad!”