“My cookies smell so good!” said Cheese.

“Smells like oatmeal raisin. What kind did you and Mom bake?” asked Mack.

Cheese gasped, “What kind did Mom and I bake? Mom did not bake ANY cookies. I DID! I made my world famous Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies”

“GREAT! I love those too!” smiled Mack. “While they bake, let’s watch a cartoon or somethin.”

“Let’s do ‘or somethin’. We have not built Brix in a long time.” suggested Cheese.

“Cool! I will go get the Brix and you go check on your cookie. They smell almost done. Do not burn them!” directed Mack.

Cheese yelled upstairs, “MOM! I am about to open the over to check on the cookies. Can you come downstairs and watch me?”

Mom replied, “Yeah, sure! I will be right down.”

While Cheese waited on Mom, he grabbed the oven mitts. When Mom was in sight, he pulled the oven door open and the heat went straight to his face!

“Wooooo!” Cheese exclaimed. “That is hot! Take them out, Mom. Please.”