Mack heard the toilet flush, then water running in the sink, and then heard footsteps in the hallway. Footsteps that seemed to have stopped in front of his door. There was a slight tapping on his door and then it creaked open.

Cheese peeked inside and said, “Bro. Are you up?”

Mack replied slowly, “Yea. I am up but still sleepy. What’s up?”

“Oh nothin. Just wanted to say that I am about to head downstairs and watch some Revengers cartoons. It is Saturday, you know.” Cheese said before closing Mack’s door and headed downstairs.

“Hey Cheese! Good morning!” Dad greeted him.

“Hey Dad! Do you mind if I change the channel? The Revengers are on.” asked Cheese.

“Sure go ahead. I have to finish making breakfast any way.” answered Dad.

“WAIT! Don’t tell me! Let me guess!” Cheese sniffed. “Bacon. Toast. I see the eggs already. Are you making grits too?” he asked.

“No. Not this morning. We are having bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. Speaking if which, grab the cheddar cheese from the fridge for me, son.” Dad requested.

Cheese obeyed, “I will get it, Dad. BUT you do know that I do not like cheese!”

“How can a person named Cheese, not like Cheese?” Dad asked.