“Mom. What is going on on the TV? Why are all those people yelling and crowded around that building?” asked Mack.

Mom turned to Mack and said, Go get your brother. Your Dad and I will explain.”

Mack ran up the stairs.

“Hey Cheese. Turn your TV off. Mom and Dad want to talk to us. I asked Mom about what was going on on the TV screen.”

Cheese came downstairs upset because this conversation was interrupting his favorite TV show, The Revengers.

“Yes Mom?” Cheese asked.

Mom let out a sigh, “What we are witnessing on TV right now is history in the making. The folks breaking windows and fighting with police are upset that the person they want to be President did not win the election. What they are doing is illegal and they can go to jail. I say this is history because this has never happened before. People have been mad before, but not this mad.”

Mack gave Mom a puzzled look, “Mom. Even I know that you shouldn’t get mad when you lose a game. You just do better the next time you play!”

“Well said, son. Many people don’t understand that concept. You are pretty smart, son!” said Dad.

“That is crazy, Dad! Now can you tell us a joke?!” asked Cheese.

“I sure can! What’s the difference between a camera and a sock?” Dad smiled and continued. “A camera takes photos. A sock takes 5 toes!