Mom stepped into the garage. “MAAACK! Where are you?”

Mack came running from the backyard. “Yes, ma’am!?”

“I’m not supposed to tell you where he’s hiding. All I can tell you is that Cheese is inside the house. He’s not in my room, my closet, or my bathroom.” Mom revealed.

Mack was relieved, “Thanks Mom! I’ve been looking all over for him out here! And to think, he ran into the house.”

Now it was like a whole new game of hide and seek. Mack went from room to room looking for Cheese. Under the tables, behind the couch, in the pantry, in the coat closet, in the bathrooms, and behind the bookshelf! And that was all just downstairs. No Cheese.

Mack thought to himself, “Well there are only so many places he can be upstairs… time to go find him!”

Mack ran upstairs to the schoolroom and just stood in silence. He stood there quietly for about 5 minutes. His patience paid off, he heard some rustling in the supply closet. He walked over, opened the closet and there was Cheese, hiding behind the paper boxes.

Mack shouted, “Found ya dude!”

Cheese smiled, “Took you long enough! My spot was perfect.”

Mack disagreed, “First of all, you hid inside… we were playing an outside game. If Mom hadn’t told me where you were, I would have given up and you’d still be in the supply closet!”

“Well I’m glad you found me when you did. It was starting to get hot in there. Let me run to the bathroom and I’ll meet you downstairs for a snack.” said Cheese.

Mack smiled, “SLAP! Sounds like a plan!”