Mack ran to his closet and found his stash of Terf bullets. He placed some in his pockets, loaded his four Terf guns, and slid under his bed.

Meanwhile, Cheese was doing something similar in his room. He whispered to himself, “It’s getting hot under this bed. I’m going to find Mack.” Cheese tiptoed out into the hallway.

Mack watched Cheese’s feet walk into his room, go over to his closet, then out.

“OK, time to move out.” Mack thought to himself. He got from under his bed, stuck his gun out into the hallway, and shot Cheese in his legs.

**pop pop**
Cheese yelled, “Ahhh! You got me!” and started limping as if he was in extreme pain.

Mack threw down his double shooter, and fired off a couple more shots before dashing down the stairs.
Cheese shot at Mack and hit him in his back. Mack stumbled down the remaining three stairs and bumped into Mom standing in the kitchen.

“Don’t you guys bring that Terf war into my kitchen!” said Mom.

But it was too late, Cheese shot a bullet that whizzed by Mom’s head.