Mack rolled over on the couch. Movie Time at Home was ending.

“Hey, Dad. How do you get rid of headaches? My head hurts so bad right now. I do not know what is going on.” Mack complained.

“When did it start, son?” asked Dad.

“Not too long ago. It felt like my head had its own heartbeat!” said Mack

“OK, let me get you some medicine. Gonna make you a cup of tea from Sacred Rootz in Charleston. It always works for me. And it is safe for children.” Dad said.

15 minutes later, Mack was sipping on some Wild Cherry Bark tea from his customized Brix mug.

“I am going to go lay down, Dad. Come check on me before you go to bed, please.” Mack requested.

Mack disappeared upstairs to take a bath and go to sleep.

“Hey, Dad. Since Mack has gone to bed, do you want to get in a game of Chess? It always works for me. It has been a while since I have beaten you.” laughed Cheese.

Dad smiled, “I have to run to the store real quick. You can ride with me or you can play against Mom.”

“MOM?! I have yet to beat Mom. I am going to ride with you.” said Cheese.