“Mack look! Gary’s got a new bike! At least he’s riding a bicycle that looks new to me.” Said Cheese as they both looked out of the front windows.

Mack turned to Mom, “Hey Mom! Can we go outside? Gary’s riding his bicycle.”

She replied, “Only if he’s the only kid you guys play with… and no fighting!”

“OKAY!” they replied and grabbed their helmets and bicycles from the garage. Gary had just sped by the driveway.

Cheese shouted, “Gary! Come back!”

Gary hopped the curb and was in their yard at no time at all.

Mack complimented Gary, “That’s a cool looking bike, dude! It looks fast too. Let’s race! Cheese you tell us when to go. Ok?”

Mack and Gary pedaled to the top of the hill and got into race position.

Mack shouted, “OK Cheese. We’re ready!”

Cheese shouted back, “On your mark! Get Set! GO!”

And the pedaling began. Gary started out in front but Mack beat him on the inside of the curve. Mack had a nice lead until he saw someone’s scooter in the street. It was too late to avoid it. He hit the scooter at full speed. The bike stopped, but Mack didn’t! Over the handlebars he flew.

Cheese’s eyes got wide! “WHOA!”

“Owwwww!” shouted Mack.

He got up holding his arm. His grey sweatpants now had a hole in them and were starting to turn red on his right knee.
“Your arm looks ok.” said Cheese. “It’s not bleeding.”

Mack lifted up his right pants leg. “Well I can’t say the same for my leg. Look guys.” He had a little blood on his right kneecap. “At least the scooter was at the finish line. Which means, I won the race! Let me go inside and see Dr. Mom”