“Put your shoes back on, Mack! We are headed back outside!” said Cheese.

“Say what? We just got back from the water slide. Can I dry off first?” asked Mack.

“First of all, they are just water socks! And second, we are about to get wet again.” Cheese replied.

Dad won and all-expenses paid, all-inclusive Hawaiian vacation from work. The resort has its own private beach and water park, so the boys were enjoying their semi-freedom.

“These wristbands give us access to anything we want and any ride we want.” Cheese said.

“They do, BUT I would like to know, ‘Where are we going now?’ Bro?” asked Mack.

“Man, you got a lot of questions. We don’t have anything else to do. Just have fun. Go with my flow. I saw ‘Swim with the dolphins’ in the resort’s brochure. Let’s go find that!” said Cheese.

“Dude. You barely know how to swim. I think that is an important part of SWIM with the dolphins!” Mack laughed.

Cheese scowled at Mack, “Very funny! The joke is on you. They will give us floating vests. I will be alright!”

“Well before we head to the dolphins. Let’s stop by the buffet bar for some pizza and chicken tenders. I’m hungry.” Said Mack.

Cheese agreed, “I can eat.”