“Honey. Will you go check on the boys? They have been in that room ever since we got here.” Mom asked Dad.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing? They may want to be left alone!” replied Dad.

“Well go peek in the door, anyway. It will make me feel better.” said Mom.

Dad got up from his comfortable spot on the couch and walked over to the boys’ room. He cracked open the door but did not see the boys. Matter of fact he did not see much of anything. They boys had hung sheets around the chairs and beds, creating a massive domed tent. Dad peeped under the first sheet and saw the boys in there reading.

“You guys are reading?” Dad asked

“Yeah Dad! We have established our base now we are reading up on the area in these magazines from the lobby.” said Cheese.

Dad laughed, “Those are not magazines. Those are brochures designed to get kids like you to ask parents like me to take you to these overpriced, boring places!”

“NO! That is where you are wrong, Dad! Look! This magazine is about the Bold Pineapple Plantation. For $25, we can tour the plantation, get a picture by the giant pineapple, pick some pineapples, and get some pineapple ice cream!” argued Mack.

“Permission to enter, Gentlemen?” asked Dad.

“Permission granted.” The boys said in unison.

Dad reached for the brochure. “Let me see that.” He looked over the paper. “Guys! This does look interesting. BUT! The price is $25 per person. So for our family to go, we would have to buy 4 tickets. How much would that be?”

Cheese put his hand on his chin, “Let me think about that.”

“I need some paper. Dad, please exit the premises and we will come share our answer with you and Mom. When we get it right, will you take us pineapple picking?” Mack asked.

“Bring a correct answer and your Mom and I will consider it.” agreed Dad.