Mack was hanging out in Cheese’s room. They were playing the latest Stickymon video game when Dad walked by the door with a ladder and his toolbox.

“I wonder what Dad is about to do with his tools.” thought Cheese.

“I don’t know. Let’s pause the game and go see” said Mack.

They paused the game, set the controllers down, and went to find Dad.

Cheese whispered, “Sounds like he’s in the loft.”

They walked around the corner and saw Dad standing on the ladder.

“Hey Dad! Whatcha doin?” shouted Mack.

Dad almost jumped off the ladder.

“Dude! You surprised me! Mommy wanted me to hang some more paintings on the art wall. Do you guys like this one?” Dad said as he held up the masterpiece.

“Yeah. It looks cool. I like it!” agreed Mack.

Cheese tilted his head, “Uhh. What is it?”

Dad laughed, “You really don’t know what this is, Cheese? Mack! Tell your brother what this is!”

Mack smiled, “C’mon bro! You know what this is a picture of. It’s a painting of a kid playing soccer at night!”

“That is not what that is, Mack! That’s a constellation and the moon and stars and other stuffs. At least I think that’s what it is. Maybe we should ask your Mom.” said Dad.