Mack and Cheese grabbed their notepads, pencils, ran to the schoolroom table, and started writing like crazy.

“I know what I am putting on my list!” shouted Cheese.

“Shh! I am concentrating! Mom said we have 10 minutes for us to give her our Christmas Wish Lists!” replied Mack. “And make sure she can read it!”

“Whatever, dude! My handwriting is better than yours!” said Cheese.

Mack challenged him, “Oh really?! I can write in cursive. Let me see you write a sentence in cursive up on the white board!”

Cheese stopped writing, put his pencil down, and went to write on the board.

He looked back at Mack and asked, “What should I write, bro?”

“Write this.” Mack replied. “I- am- wasting- my- time- at- this- board.”

“OK. I- am… was-ting… my time… HEY! Wait a minute!” Cheese had finally caught on to what Mack did to him!

Mack laughed, “I hope you finished your list because time is almost up!”

“BOYS! Bring me your lists!” Mom yelled from downstairs.