Mom was in the kitchen with Dad putting a puzzle together. It was one of those sci-fi movie themed puzzles, Trek Wars, I think.

Cheese came running downstairs and into the kitchen. “You guys are doing pretty good. Looks like you are almost done with the border!”

“That is correct!” bragged Dad. “Now how can we help you?”

“I challenge you to a Gullblade battle, Dad! Get your gull and meet me in my room! I have to get the stadium out.” yelled Cheese.

Dad remained quiet and kept working on the puzzle. Then he spoke, “Not right now, Cheese. Maybe later.”

Cheese’s smile turned upside down and all of his excitement left as well.

“OK, Dad.” said Cheese as he walked back upstairs.

Mom stared at Dad. “What?” he asked.

“Now you know we are not going to finish this puzzle tonight. Go bond with your son. You know you want to.” replied Mom.

Dad sighed, “You are right. I have not gull battled with them lately. Let me go prepare for battle. Wish me luck!”

“Good luck, babe!” said Mom as Dad went up the stairs.

“Who dares to battle the Gullblade champion?!” yelled Dad.

Cheese came running into the hallway. “It is I who challenge you! Step into the stadium!” announced Cheese.