Cheese came running to the front of the house to find Mack. Mack was riding his bicycle with Gary.

“Mack! Come quick! Dad is lighting the charcoal! He’s gonna grill!”

Mack jumped the curb with his bike and pedaled into the backyard to see Dad cleaning the grill. Smoke was coming from the little box on the side.

“Hey Dad!” Mack started. “What are we cooking? And can I help?”

Dad replied, “I haven’t started grilling yet, I just lit the coals. Ask your Mom to get the meats ready.”

20 minutes had passed and the grill was ready for cooking. The smoke made Dad cough a little as he put the hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, and ribs on the grill.

Dad ordered, “Ok Mack! We’re doing burgers, dogs, corn, and ribs today. All you have to do is flip the burgers and ribs. You can roll everything else. Got it?! I’ll tell you when.”

Mack saluted Dad and said, “Got it! Roll the burgers and ribs and flip everything else!”