“Boys! Let’s go out back and work in the garden.” suggested Mom.

Cheese looked up from the couch, “Can I stay inside, Mom? I don’t feel so well.” he sniffed.

“Sure you can, go upstairs and ask Dad to give you some medicine.” Mom said. “What about you, Mack? Do you want to help me in the garden?”

“I sure do! I like getting my hands dirty and then if some of the veggies are ready, I get a chance to sample them.” Mack said excitedly.

“Go get your gloves and boots on. Then meet me in the garden.” directed Mom.

Mack put on his gear and ran into the backyard. Mom was already pulling some weeds from the garden beds.

She looked up and saw Mack coming, “Grab the basket and scissors from off of the table you just passed. I want you to harvest the cucumbers first. If they are smaller than your hand, do not cut them off. Then get all of the RED tomatoes. they can be any size as long as they are RED all over.”

“Got it, Mom! Cucumbers and tomatoes!” said Mack.

Mack went from garden bed to garden bed. Cutting and collecting the veggies from the six different beds. By the time he was finished, his arms were tired!

Mack huffed, “I think I’m done, Mom. The basket reminds me of Christmas decorations! And the tomatoes are delicious!”