“Cheese, I think the Daytonavirus is making us all tired. It usually happens when Mom starts teaching. My eyes get heavy and it is hard to concentrate. So I find myself staring out of the window.” said Mack.

“I feel ya, bro! The virus has had us in the house FOREVER! I counted each fiber on the floor the other day. Well, not all of it. I got to 100 and stopped.” replied Cheese.

“Man! This DAYVID has us all going a little crazy. But not too crazy, just crazy enough to do silly stuff. Like daydreaming and counting carpet fibers. Before this is all over, I am going to teach myself how to play the piano.” replied Mack.

The boys walked to the top of the curved staircase and sat down on the steps.

Cheese thought out loud, “I wonder how long it took to build this house.”

“Probably like five years. This place is huge! 4 bedrooms, a schoolroom, and a kitchen. We have got it all.” Mack stated.

“Man, no we don’t! We don’t have a pool or a trampoline! When we get those, THEN we will have it all… oh yeah, and a treehouse! We need a good Terf base!” suggested Cheese.

Mack smiled, “Oooo! That is a great idea. Let’s go ask Dad to build one!”