“Hey Mack! Come play Brix with me!” Cheese pleaded.

Not right now, man! I am working on my comic book.” Said Mack.

“A comic book? What is it about? Superheroes?” Cheese asked.

“Not this one. This one is about the adventures of a bat. He has his own house, clothes, and car. Even though he can fly, he also drives a small car for when it rains.” Explained Mack.

“Ahhh! He sounds interesting. What is his name?” Cheese was truly interested now.

“His name is Batty. When I finish this chapter, I will tell you the story.” Mack said as he continued to draw adventures of his new, winged friend.

Cheese continued to play with his Brix until Mack called everyone into the living room.

“Come one! Come all! Everyone have a seat, please.” Mack requested. “Hear ye! Hear ye! Parents and Brother, lend me your ear! I now present… The Adventures of Batty!”