“Mom. I am ready to do something new. Since DAYVID came around, I have not been able to go horseback riding. Is there anything else I can do or learn in place of my riding lessons?” asked Cheese.

“Cheese. You rode the horse one time and did not want to get on again. That does not count as riding lessons, son.” Mom laughed.
“But if you want to learn something else, we have several musical instruments around the house. We just got a piano. I think your Dad has a harmonica. There is a trumpet in the schoolroom closet. And we have an acoustic guitar.”

“OK. I want to play the drums.” stated Cheese.

“Umm, son. Drums were not on my list. Therefore, no drums.” said Mom.

“Aww man! Drums are so cool, though! Sheila E. Questlove, Travis Barker, and PopPop played the drums. I should play too.” suggested Cheese.

“I will go talk to your Dad about it. I am making no promises. What he says, goes.” replied Mom.

Mom went up to Dad’s man cave above the garage. She closed the door behind her and came back about 10 minutes later.

Mom yelled, “Cheese!”

“Yes, Mom?” responded Cheese.

“Your Dad and I have talked. I told him what you asked to learn to play. He said ‘No drums and PopPop did not play the drums.’” said Mom.