**Ding Dong**
Mack and Cheese were upstairs watch the Revengers on TV. Normally, the doorbell gets answered on the second ring. But this time, it didn’t.

**Ding Dong**
“Why won’t Mom or Dad answer the door?” asked Mack.

“I don’t know, if it rings again, I’m gonna answer it myself!” laughed Cheese.
Mack laughed too, “No you won’t.”

**Ding Dong**
Mack looked at Cheese as if to say ‘Are you gonna get that?’

“Cheese! Mack! One of you answer the door please! Tell ‘em we don’t want any!” yelled Dad from his Man Cave.

The boys stumbled over themselves racing to be the first to the front door.

**Ding Dong**
“You open the door and I will ask ‘Who is it?’” decided Cheese. “Who is it?”

No one answered.

Mack said, “Hmmm. Someone is out there. I can hear ‘em. I’m just gonna open it. 1-2-3!”

The door opened.

“SURPRISE!” yelled Nana. “It’s about time someone answered the door!”

Cheese smiled, “Hey Nana! What are you doing here? Where’s PopPop?” and gave her a hug.

She walked into the house with her grandsons attached to her hips. “Pack your bags, guys! We’re taking you two on vacation with us! Let’s go!”