“Mom, how can you tell what you have planted out here in the garden?” Mack asked as he picked at the plants in the garden.

Mom fussed! “Leave my herbs alone, Maxwell! They will stop growing if you break a branch off. Let’s be nice to them and use science fingers. Science fingers are soft and gentle fingers.”

“Like this Mom?” Cheese asked as he ripped a leaf off of the mint plant and put it in his mouth. “Oooo! Fresh!”

“Not that rough, Cheese! Be gentler!” Mom scolded.

Cheese had taken off his garden boots and was walking around in his bare feet. Unknown to Cheese, Mack had grabbed Cheese’s boots and was now filling them with water from the hose.
“Cheese! Put your boots back on before the fire ants get all over your feet!” Mom fussed.

Cheese found his boots up on the deck, right where he left them. He placed his foot in the left boot and *SPLASH!*
Cheese looked up, “MAAAAACK!”