Cheese spoke first, “We want a garden!”

Mack held up one finger, “Not so fast, Cheese.” Then turned to Mom. “Mom, Cheese and I would like a section of garden to grow a few things.”

Mom thought for a second, “Oh yeah? What are you guys thinking about growing? And how big of a section will you need?”

Mack announced, “We wanna grow mint, basil, corn, and ummm”

“Strawberries! Don’t forget the strawberries. I love strawberries.” Cheese reminded him.

“OK, so basil, mint, strawberries, and corn.” Said Mom. “We can do that. Now who will be responsible for the care and nurturing of the garden? Planting a seed is easy. Going from seed to plate takes work!”

Mack and Cheese looked at each other, scratched their heads, and huddled up to discuss this garden business.

“This sounds like work, Mack.” Whispered Cheese.

Mack assured him, “But if we stick to this together, it will be easy! Let’s do it.” Then he turned to Mom. “OK< Mom. You’ve got yourself a deal. When can we start?” Mom sighed, “Give me a minute. We can start in about an hour. Go get your work clothes on, find your boots and gloves.” She went back into Dad’s Man Cave and closed the door. “Come on, bro. Let’s go get ready.” Said Cheese. [3/27]