“Hey dude. Let’s go play the Revengers video game. It always makes me feel better.” said Cheese excitedly.

“You OK, Lil Bro?” asked Mack.

Cheese sighed, “Yeah. I think so. I’m tired of sitting in the house all of the time.”

Mack agreed, “I get it, man. I’m tired of sitting home too. Dad is always going somewhere. Mom says he’s going to work. I think he’s going to Wall Market without us. I’m gonna ask if I can go with him next time. Get me some fresh air. But anyway, let’s play the game. And remember the #1 rule: No arguing! Or Mom and Dad are going to turn it off!” Mack started to whisper, “So if you get mad at me, do it quietly, OK?”

“OK, we haven’t played this game in a long time. We usually play Mine Shaft or Brix Movie 2. Go get the controllers and I’ll put the game in.” Cheese said.

They played the game from breakfast until lunchtime.
Mack yawned, “All of this sitting is making me sleepy.”
He leaned back in his video game chair and heard a call from downstairs.

“Guys! I’m running to get lunch right quick. Stay with Mom.” Dad yelled.

Cheese smiled, “You thinking what I’m thinking, Mack?”

Mack nodded, “If you’re thinking Dad should take us with him, I thinking what you’re thinking!”

“EXACTLY!” Cheese agreed.

The boys went running down the stairs.

Mack took the lead, “Dad, can we come with you?”

Dad looked at Mom and said, “I don’t think we’ll have to get out. I’m going through the drive-thru.”

Mom agreed, “Make sure you take your masks!”

“Got ‘em”, the three of them replied.