“Game night!” shouted Cheese.

Mack looked at him like he was silly. “Bro! It’s 10 o’clock in the morning. Let’s get past lunch… actually let’s get past breakfast first.”

“You’re a party pooper. I was just making an announcement. Now finish your hash and leave me alone.” Said Cheese.

Mack finished his breakfast and Cheese sat down on the couch beside Mom.

“Hey Mom. You’ll play games with me tonight, right?” Cheese asked.

Mom looked down at Cheese. “That depends on how my day goes, son. If it’s a good one where you and your brother are obedient and your father doesn’t get on my nerves, SURE! I’ll play. BUT if that doesn’t happen, then forget it!”

“MAN! What’s with everyone this morning? Where’s Dad? I need some hypeness!” Cheese said as he left Mom on the couch.

Cheese found Dad in his man cave. *knock knock* “Can I come in?” asked Cheese.

“Who is it?” replied Dad.

“It’s me, Cheese!”

“OH! Cheesy Cheese! What’s up, Doc?! Come on in, close the door” Dad said. “How’s it goin, son?”

“Mom and Mack are trippin’. I mentioned having a game night and they act like they don’t wanna participate!” complained Cheese.

Dad’s eyes lit up, “Game night?! I love game night! What are we playin?”

Cheese smiled, “I knew you would understand!”